Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finallly !!!!!!!!!!

Yessss, After a week's head bashing I am ready with my Web.Config editor. Since long, I had been looking for a UI to edit web.config keys in my Application.

As we all know that the key values in development environment are rarely same as in staging and production env. So I needed a UI to edit the config keys and save the web.config file with these new values.

Found quite a few tools for the same but they all were not that flexible. They lacked a few things like Encryption of file while saving and before that, decrypting the same if it is encrypted. So I landed on the conclusion that I would make one of my own.

And yes, after a week's efforts, I finished with a working product for now. It has quite a few shortcomings but surely it serves my purpose and hopefully of a lot others. But there are quite a few catches.

1. It works with .NET Framework 2.0 only as the Encryption-Decryption libraries used are a part of 2.0 only.

2. Currently I am handling only 2 sections of the config file : appSettings and connectionString

3. You need the key file imported in your system if reading an Encrypted web.config file.

Would be looking to eliminate these shortcomings pretty soon.

Oh and BTW I am also looking for a good place to upload this app. so that it could be available to others as well.

- Ashutosh

Friday, October 27, 2006

My Blog

I would like this blog to be rather a collection of my code snippets that I found handy and useful from time to time, so that they could be useful for others as well.

Now since I have been working on .NET since last couple of yrs. This obviously would mean a lot of them will have to be from the same background but from time to time I would try to add code snippets from other technologies as well.

I would absolutely love if someone wants to contribute to the blog. Drop in a mail to me if you wish so.

-- Ashutosh

Friday, October 20, 2006

Yeess I am into it as well....

Better late than never. Even after being so tech savvy (yes I consider myself one ;-) I always stayed away from this blogging thing. Somehow could not understand the funda .....

But now I hope I can sum up my daily ideas into a digest and put them up here. Let see till when it continues. Hope it lasts long unlike earlier....

Not quite impressive like the other blogs I have seen but hope I would pick up with time....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The posts here would definitely not be the ones people would be alien about but these are mere a compilation of the topics that I learnt in my day to day working and have found useful conceptually.

I would welcome anyone who would like to share his/her thoughts and findings here to make it a complete Knowledge Base.

If you find the contents here a touch useful, please keep the chain going by linking to this blog so that others get a benefit as well.

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Thanks & Regards

--Ashutosh Vyas