Tuesday, December 5, 2006

A new beginning

Hi All,

Today I had a new beginning in my life when I stepped out of Avinex Software Pvt. Ltd. and stepped into eXtensible IT Solutions. Yes I switched my Job.

Well not so obviously, the key factor behind this change was not monetory. Yes believe me.....
I always wanted to grow. Grow in terms of technology, in terms of responsibility and also financially.

At Avinex, I had a few concerns of mine. Ever since I started programming in VB6.0, I wanted to take a dip into the world of C++ programming as well and with the advent of .NET, C# became my new affair.

Suddenly got the opportunity of being a part of a team which was bewing created for development of a product which was supposed to be working as a Middle Tier for a multi ties application AND THAT TOO IN C#. I saw this opportunity as a big one in terms of gaining a good knowledge of OO concepts as well as C#. So grabbed it with both hands.

Secondly at Avinex, I was suddenly finding myself looking straight into a glass ceiling where I could see opportunities of growth but which really were not there. This was getting on me.

And last but not the least, a raise of almost 10 grands a month is never like refusing.

Anyways thats an old story now.

The latest is that I am into eXtensible and am looking forward to a great time over there.


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