Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A new Task

Okay so I have been assigned first task at EITS and I am already feeling the difference between the level of working here and in Avinex.

I have been assigned the task to look at the prospects of implementing ECLIPSE IDE for Report development.

All these days, I have known ECLIPSE as an IDE for development of classes and writing code in JAVA. Just a user friendly interface for writing code and nothing much. But here while exploring, I realized its actually a lot more than that BUT SADLY FOR JAVA DEVELOPERS.

Apart from a mere few plugins for development with C/C++ and C# there is not much of a support in ECLIPSE for other languages. Still looking into the report designer for ECLIPSE.

The report designer has an Easy to use GUI for Rapid development of Reports and quick visualization of the same.

Best part is that the underlying code is all XML for this report and hence a universal structure. But the problem is the schema it uses for interpreting all HTML and SCRIPTING involved.

It literally dumps all the HTML and all expressions and evaluations that we add to the reports into this XML and then it basically kinda executes this XML while showing the report.

I am still looking at the prospects of using it in my Framework project, but at the moment there looks nothing much in it.

-- Ashutosh

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