Friday, February 23, 2007

PDF Merging and Splitting

Working with my collegues on iText and seeing an application that wrote multiple PDF pages and created one document out of it, an idea clicked to me for writing an application that would merge multiple PDFs into one or even Splitt the single PDF into multiple files at will.

Currently I am done with the merging part and now the app merges the selected PDF files to generate single PDF with all the pDFs merged.

I am onto the second part: Splitting. I foresee myself completing the basic part in a day or two, i.e. it will take a single PDF and splitt it into multiple files with one page each (for ex- a PDF file with 10 pages will result in 10 PDF files with single page each.)

Now I am looking to make it more generic like you provide the resulting file name, location and each page in each file and the files are created on that basis.

Really Looking forward to it.

So wait and watch..................


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