Thursday, March 8, 2007

PDF Utility is ready.

Hi All,

Just out of curiosity and a zeal to learn, I started out on making a small utility that would split a given PDF file into pages.

I did that successfully using iTextSharp, a free Open Source library for PDF generation.

Next step was to enhance this utility to read and merge different PDFs into one single unit based on any criteria given by the user.

After quite long I could finish that work and now the utility is ready with the following features:

1. Split PDF into single page PDF files.
2. Split based on criteria given by user.
3. Select multiple files to MERGE into one.
4. Merge files based on criteria by user.

Further to this, I had a look at another utility called PDFBox and I could read the elementary text out of the PDF as well.

So now we have a utility that has the power to Split / Merge or even read a PDF file into a text file/ text stream.

If anyone needs that please get in touch with me.

-- Ashutosh