Thursday, August 16, 2007

An ATOM feed ticker (scrolling one)

Just during my leisure time, while I had a small break from work, I gave a look to my blog that looked quite ugly and out came a thought to beautify it and in the process learn new things.

The best part of it was creating an ATOM feed reader for my blog. I finally succeeded in creating one using the idea from
Dynamic Drive.

Here I could create a ATOM Feed scroller which would show all the posts on the blog and also give a pause at each and every post with a link to the original post on my blog.

A sample could be seen on
THIS SITE where I have hosted it (This is a trial and hense would only be available to me till September 12 2007) as well as on the top of this blog.

By that time I would be looking to modify it so that it just required the client side code and no server side coding is involved.

Currently it uses an aspx page to display the posts as there is a bit of server side code involved in it. I would try to eliminate that ASAP.

Once done, I would make this a portable widget that could be used to display any ATOM feed providing its URL.


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