Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Harbhajan Banned for 3 test matches.......

Yes this indeed is a technical blog but being a sentimental Indian, I could not stop myself from writing my own views of the story.

First of all, comments from a few commendable people:

  • "I am South African, and I understand the word racism. - Mike Proctor"
  • "They're entitled to do whatever they think is appropriate at the time but for me that would be a little bit extreme, I must admit. - Ricky Ponting"
  • "What to do? Calls for sackings are knee-jerk, the threat to abandon the tour nonsensical. Apart from anything else, the all-powerful television moguls here and in India would not countenance it. The tour will go on, and so will the captains. So law and order it must be. - Greg Baum (The AGE)"
  • "I saw the footage of what had happened involving Andrew Symonds when the
    Australians were in India. Most of the spectators were just having some light-hearted banter, and there was no malice in most cases. - Steve Waugh"
  • "Michael Clarke also had a dreadful match but he is a young man and has time to rethink his outlook. That his mind was in disarray could be told from his batting. In the first innings he offered no shot to a straight ball and in the second he remained at the crease after giving an easy catch to slip. On this evidence Clarke cannot be promoted to the vice-captaincy of his country. - Peter Roebuck"
  • There are times when you don't know. So, you ask the question. Every player has right to ask the umpire. I will say I don't appeal if I don't think they are out. If I am not sure, I will ask the umpire and I'll accept his decision. - Adam Gilchrist"

SO these are the view of certain people who are known to be experts of their own fields.
Well Mr. Mike Proctor just to let you know, We are the citizens of India and We really do not know what RACISM is. We never hear such words in our country because we never had views and culture as in SA our even Australia where people are discriminated on the basis of color.

And the statement from a reputed person from Australia "WHY SYMONDS ONLY !!" confirms the stand that they still have racism running through their blood. I mean had the same statement been made against Ponting or any white cricketer that would have not been a Racial comment but since it has been againsta Black, it is definitely the ONE..........

Regarding cancellation of the tour - As an Indian, yes I would most definitely like it to happen, but as an ardent cricket fan, I would most definitely like the tour to go on. Because the fight from here on would definitely be an interesting one becuase now it would most certainly not be a mere game of cricket but it would be a question of the national pride at stake.

As Greg Baum quoted - The television media that is presenting the live coverage all over the world is strong enough to make the tour continue. There would be a huge loss to the industry if it does not. After all we are talking of around 3 months of cricket going out of question.

And lastly, to comment on what Adam Gilchrist had to say on Rahul Dravid's dismissal, well Gilli your statement suggests that you were not confirm if that was out or not so you had put up a question to bucknor asking for his openion.

Well I would leave that to the readers to decide upon after having a look at the footage of the dismissal.