Saturday, February 20, 2016

Config.xml not found by Visual Studio Debugger (Ripple)

At times, while developing hybrid apps using HTML5 and JS with Apache Cordova tools for visual studio, we face this issue when the Visual Studio debugger is unable to find the config.xml file.

The reason for this is that visual studio wants this file to be present at the root of the project where as PhoneGap wants this to be at the root folder of the web app (WWW folder in visual studio project).

The solution to this is simply copying the file over from the original location to the WWW folder.

This could also be done by adding the below tag to the JSProj file.

<target name="AfterBuild">
    <copy continueonerror="false" destinationfolder="www" sourcefiles="config.xml"></copy>

Hope this helps.

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