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Developer. Architect. Entrepreneur. Constant Learner. Looking for a full stack developer

Technical Consultant by Profession, Software Developer by passion and a Technology Enthusiast to the core.

As a software developer, I possess more than 14 yrs of experience in converting the Binary pieces of code into real life solutions to the industry problems. 

Majority of my experience has been on Microsoft Technologies including legacy vb6.0 systems to the latest .NET framework 4.5. 

Particularly keen on latest trends in IT development and currently very actively learning Azure, WCF, Workflow, WPF etc.

As a Technical Consultant, I have been instrumental in delivering robust solutions to some of the the most complex problems of the industries like Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, E-Commerce, Engineering, Mining, Sports and Security. 

Played major role in the complete SDLC of the project implementation and have successfully delivered the projects for Startups and large corporates equally. 

Current Engagements: Currently associated with SoftServ Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as a Technical Consultant and working on streamlining their processes for engineering and is responsible for delivering the quality and timely solutions to the clients. Also engaged in team building, training and recruitments for SoftServ.

Also I am the founder of the Technology services company INITQUBE. At InitQube, we help Startups deliver cutting edge technology products and services by providing expert consulting services to them. INITQUBE has also been instrumental in delivering services and products to their clients at exceptional quality and with great commitment.

Specialties: .NET, C#, ASP.NET, Web Development, Application Development, AngularJS, PhoneGAP, Xamarin

Skills: Software Development, Project Management, Team Management, Resource Planning, Project Implementation, Deployment, IT Infrastructure Management.

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I am always available through all social channels. However, my preferred mode of communication has always been EMAILS. SO if you have any thoughts, feel free to share.

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